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Owners, Paulino Hernandez, are serving the “Best of the Best” Foods to locals and tourists alike since 1998!

This very fashionable eating and drinking establishment is without a doubt, “the busiest restaurant” altogether of Virginia County. Just stop certain a lunch, a cheap early bird, a dinner or even an appetizers, and a drink at the bar, and you'll see what makes TUSCANI ITALIAN GRILL & PIZZERIA every food lovers favorite place to go to. The food here is the freshest you will find anywhere, just because they serve more seafood than the other restaurant around.

If you are not already a patron of this documented local & visitor attraction, then you ought to make a visit and “Taste What Everyone Has Been Talking About”! The quality, quantity and freshness of the seafood here is unsurpassed. In cities around the world, folks that meet in our relaxed setting share one important quality, the love of enjoying life and sharing spontaneous and genuine companionship. The long oak tables within the TUSCANI ITALIAN GRILL & PIZZERIA are an open invitation to communicate—with friends, family, or just with other guests.

Conversation comes easy in the good company where all are talking, laughing, and actually, having an exquisite dining experience. Pasta, pizzas, antipasti, and salads are ordered directly from the chefs at the individual stations within the middle of the TUSCANI ITALIAN GRILL & PIZZERIA. The chefs prepare all the dishes to order before the guests. Everyone can have his meal prepared to his personal preference. Favorite dishes are often created, Then, individually refined. The garden and thus the fresh herbs on the tables aren't just for decoration, but to provide the special taste that every dish deserves.